Group Exercise

Group Exercise – Group Exercise

Do you work out alone? With group exercise classes at the YMCA, you can build commitment, accountability, and new friendships! Our Harrisburg Area YMCA values community relationships as well as fitness and healthy living. This is why we provide more than just a fitness facility for our members, but exercise classes, as well. Healthy living is focused on balance in life, and the Y will help you find the balance you need to lead a healthier life!

Group Exercise Classes

From calming yoga to high-intensity interval training classes, our Harrisburg Area YMCA branches offer a variety of classes to fit any interest and fitness level. Our certified instructors offer modifications for each class based on ability. As a result, you can feel welcome and comfortable throughout the group exercise class.

YMCA Facility Members can enjoy the benefit of free class options with their membership. Taking a class in place of your normal workout can be easy! Class availability varies per branch, so find out what classes are available at a YMCA branch near you!

Group Exercise – Group Exercise

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