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Personal Training – Personal Training

YMCA Personal Training

You’re an individual. Shouldn’t your fitness program be built around your specific needs, challenges, and goals? Get that personal attention, along with a heavy dose of motivation, from our personal trainers. We know that sometimes it’s hard to take the first steps to become healthier. That’s why we’re here for you, every day, to give you the extra motivation and guidance that you need. Our personal training staff is certified to help you get the most out of your workout.

You will be set up with a program based upon your needs and goals and your trainer will continue to meet with you one-on-one each time you go through your workout to professionally direct and inspire you. Our personal training sessions are available at our East Shore, Friendship, Northern Dauphin County, and West Shore YMCA branches.

We offer a wide variety of ½-hour and 1-hour time slots to fit your schedule. We also offer a Buddy Training program at select branches to help save you a few dollars and provide additional motivation. Our Fitness and Wellness Director will consult with you to determine the personal trainer best suited to help you reach your goals. See below to find pricing and additional information!

Personal Training – Personal Training

YMCA Personal Training Fees

Fees are applicable for one-on-one TRX® Personal Training sessions as well as regular Personal Training sessions at the East Shore, Friendship, and West Shore YMCA branches.

 YMCA Members 1-Hour Session 1/2-Hour Session
 Single Session $45.00 $30.00
 5 Sessions$190.00 $125.00
10 Sessions$380.00$250.00

YMCA Buddy Training Fees

 YMCA Members 1-Hour Session 1/2-Hour Session
 Single Session$60.00 $45.00
 5 Sessions$255.00$190.00
10 Sessions$510.00$380.00

Yoga and Pilates Personal Training Fees

Yoga and Pilates Personal Sessions are also available at the West Shore YMCA. You can purchase 1, 5, or 10 sessions.

Personal Yoga or Pilates Sessions

YMCA Members1-Hour Session1/2-Hour Session
Single Session$45.00$30.00
5 Sessions$190.00$125.00
10 Sessions$380.00$250.00

Buddy Yoga or Pilates Sessions

YMCA Members1-Hour Session1/2-Hour Session
Single Session$60.00$45.00
5 Sessions$255.00$190.00
10 Sessions$510.00$380.00

Northern Dauphin County YMCA Personal Training Fees

YMCA Members1-Hour Session 1/2-Hour Session
Single Session $35.00 $20.00
5 Sessions $150.00 $85.00
10 Sessions
$250.00 $150.00
Program Members1-Hour Session1/2-Hour Session
Single Session$50.00$35.00
5 Sessions$220.00$150.00
10 Sessions$350.00$250.00

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