Health Coaching

health coaching

Your health is important. Understanding your health is even more so. At the Y, we value a healthy lifestyle and understanding the journey to get there. This is why we offer various health coaching programs and courses to help you take control of your wellness goals.

To help you get started, we want to be sure that you know your way around the gym. A Y-Fit appointment will give you a solid foundation of gym knowledge to help you start your journey off right. One of our trained wellness coordinators will give you a tour and make sure you know how to use the equipment that interests you the most. That way, you’ll maximize your workout from day one.

Once you know your way around, you might need a bit more of a helping hand. That’s where additional one-on-one coaching can help you grow in your healthy pursuits. Personal training, fitness programs, and more are available at the YMCA, and our professional staff is waiting to give you the little (or big) push you might need to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level.

Let the YMCA help you with your personal wellness. Check out our health coaching programs at select branches in the Harrisburg area!

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