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Water Fitness Programs

Take your workout to new depths with water fitness classes at the Harrisburg Area YMCA! Our aquatics classes include multiple options for every ability level. The YMCA provides a chance to mix up your routine and try something new and refreshing with exercise classes that make working out a lot more fun!

Water exercise is safe and low-impact, so it’s perfect for anyone who struggles with joint pain or other muscle soreness. Not to mention, the unique properties of water also allow your heart to work more efficiently! At the Harrisburg Area YMCA, our aquatic program offerings are more than enough to start you off with a healthier lifestyle. Our instructors are ready and willing to teach you the best way to exercise in the water. They are determined to help you strengthen and refresh your mind and body. If you enjoy the water and group exercise programs at the Y, our water fitness classes are perfect for you!

Indoor pool facilities to host these programs are available at our East Shore, Friendship, Northern Dauphin County, and West Shore YMCA branches. Programs vary per location, so find out what water fitness classes are available at a branch near you!


Popular Classes

While we offer a variety of classes across our association, there are a handful of fan favorites that are always available. Is there a class you’re jonesing to try?

Arthritis Foundation YMCA Aquatics Program

The Arthritis Foundation YMCA Aquatic Program (AFYAP) is for people who have limited joint motion, strength, or cardio-respiratory function. The warm water and the gentle movements also help relieve pain and stiffness while building strength.

AFYAP will help you reduce pain. It can also help lower feelings of isolation, gain strength and flexibility, and improve your day-to-day life! The Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program was co-developed with the YMCA. Studies show members attending the classes have experienced:

  • Less pain
  • Improved joint function
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Better quality of life and well-being

Participants can experience the AFYAP Program in a group class setting. Additionally, the one-hour class meets two to three times per week and is led by instructors. Its design is to be a fun, safe way for people with arthritis to exercise and stay fit.


Aquacize is a beginner to intermediate level water fitness class and is low impact to moderate pace. This water exercise class includes a warm-up, aerobic training, and cool-down, along with strength, toning, and flexibility in shallow water. The Y will provide all equipment needed for the class. Stretching, muscle toning, and aerobic exercises are done with the use of fitness equipment.

The class helps you strengthen your lungs, tone your muscles, and improve your spring in the water. Workouts practiced during the class are low-intensity and allow for changes for all levels. This class is perfect for the beginner athlete who likes the low-impact nature of water fitness programs.

Aqua Zumba®

The AquaZumba® class mixes Zumba® and aqua fitness to create a safe, challenging, water-based workout.

We call it a Zumba® “Pool Party” for a reason! The class includes cardio-conditioning, body-toning, and movements that are exciting beyond belief! You can dance to international-style music built into the workout while in a shallow-water environment. The benefit of the class is its low-impact aerobic exercises. They’re great for your joints and the lack of gravity in the water allows for more fluid motions.


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