Youth – Youth

Swim, Sports, Play

The Y is for everyone to play and everyone to win. Our youth recreation programs geared toward teamwork and sportsmanship development as well as skill work. Youth will learn swimming strokes and basketball drills while making new friends and cheering on their teammates. We believe that children learn best when they are supported and challenged. Our recreation staff works with each child to ensure maximum learning and development.

Education & Leadership

At the Y, we are also working to build leaders for tomorrow. Our volunteers and paid staff provide the ideal environment for learning and growing in groups, and the children in our care experience new ways of looking at problems, making friendships, and working with diverse teams.

Child Development

All families should have access to the quality child care that they need, and that’s why we not only provide the best childcare in the nation; we work hard to give families the financial aid they need to enroll children in YMCA programs. From YMCA Infant and Toddler Care to YMCA Teens, the YMCA is the best place for children to learn and grow.

The youth in our community is important, and at the YMCA they find a place that is ready to explore, to grow, to challenge, and to change. You can find YMCA youth programs at every branch; they’re vital to our operation! What can your child do at the YMCA? Take a look at our youth programs, and don’t forget to stop by the Y!

Child Safety

At the Y, child safety and protection is our number one priority.  Our goal is to help educate parents and children on how to be safe from child abuse in any environment with the skills they learn at our Y.  Our team is trained in comprehensive and innovative practices around child safety to ensure your children are safe in our care.


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