Stay Warm with Winter Workout Classes!

The winter air is chilly, and it is a bear to run outside in the cold. Indoor group exercise classes are great for outdoor summer runners and walkers because it is a completely different workout and it is good to shake up your routine. Here at the YMCA, we offer a multitude of group classes including RIPPED, Body Pump, Zumba, and Boot Camp to name a few. If you need some help deciding which type of class is for you, this LiveStrong  article might help.

There are many benefits of switching up your routine. First, there is a social aspect. When you enter mostly any class you can see people having conversations with each other and you get a sense of camaraderie. You might even make some new friends while getting in shape, what could be better?

Another benefit is that classes make you more motivated. When you see others working hard, it generally makes you want to work harder. When you stay motivated, you will eventually attain the physical benefits you desire. Whether you want to lose weight, tone, or increase muscle, there is a class for you. Classes also make you accountable. Would you really want to admit to other class members or your instructor that you didn’t want to get out of bed to work out?

Shake up your normal routine and try a new group class today!

Contributed by Meghan Ackerman, Marketing Intern

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