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Family Fitness Benefits – Why You Should Workout As A Family

Staying active is important for any age or walk of life, but so is time spent with family. So why not merge those things together? At the YMCA, we provide programs and services to help encourage the bond between families and improve our community’s health and well-being. Not to mention, there are a variety of benefits to family fitness!

First, working out together as a family, whether it’s a sport or the gym, can help your family bond.

By planning out activities together on a regular basis, your family will likely experience improved communication. During the planning process, encourage your children to discuss what activities they like and dislike in an effort to choose something that would be fun for all. In addition, the extra time spent together can help open the door to personal, meaningful conversations, ultimately improving the relationship between parents and children.

Second, working out together as a family provides extra motivation to stay active!

It’s much more difficult to stay motivated when you’re solely responsible for your exercise. If your workout plans are dependent on others, you arrange your schedule to make it work. Similarly, by working out in groups of two or more (as a family), you’re more likely to keep up with the routine and find your motivation to work out! Not to mention, encouragement from your family members goes a long way in achieving your fitness goals.

Third, working out together as a family can help build long-term healthy habits for both you and your children.

We all know the phrase, “Like father, like son.” As children grow, they are constantly learning new things from their parents. By setting the example and staying healthy and active, parents will likely instill these positive values into your children. In addition, parents will be more accountable for their actions and thus more motivated to set the healthy example.

family fitness

Here are a few ways to work out together as a family:

Try a family fitness program! The YMCA provides family fitness classes at select branches to encourage the bond between parents and children. During these classes, children and parents can practice kid-friendly exercises including cardio, strength, stretching, and more in a family-friendly environment. This program is offered seasonally on Sunday afternoons. Call your YMCA branch for more details!

Swimming is a great way to get a great workout with the whole family. Outdoor pools are convenient for the summer months, but don’t let the weather limit you! Our West Shore, Northern Dauphin County, and East Shore YMCA branches provide indoor pools for members to enjoy throughout the year. In addition to various aquatics classes and parent-child swim lessons, we provide open swim times for children and parents to enjoy the pool together. Check our your branch pool hours on our website!

Hiking, biking, and playing. The summer is a great time for families to spend time outdoors and stay active. Family biking and hiking trips give both adults and youth exposed to nature, which can help refresh the mind and body. Sports are also a great way get the whole family involved, practice friendly competition, and encourage team-building! Indoor Basketball is appropriate year-round, while Baseball, Football, and Soccer are great sports to play outside.

No matter what you decide to do as a family, do it together! Staying active together is a great way to improve your physical, mental, and social well-being, not to mention strengthen your family bond. To learn more about how you and your family can be a part of the YMCA, visit our website!


Emily Sanville, Digital Communications Coordinator

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