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youth soccer

Youth Soccer Programs

At the Harrisburg Area YMCA, it is our desire to provide a variety of youth sports programs to fit every age and interest. Soccer is a great avenue for youth to stay active, improve motor skills, and make new friends!

Soccer is a team sport, and as such, can help youth feel connected to a cause bigger than themselves. Not only does soccer allow children to work together in a team environment, but it can help a child build his or her self-confidence. The communal nature of the sport encourages team members to find excitement in each other’s successes and build one another up for the good of the team. Not to mention, this team sport can help youth improve communication on and off the field, ultimately playing a role in developing social skills.

In addition to mental and social benefits, soccer is a great avenue for youth. It allows them to stay active, improve endurance, and increase their balance and coordination. The sport includes a lot of aerobic exercises. Youth are encouraged to run up and down the field in offensive and defensive positions.

Physical Benefits of Soccer

  1. Increase in cardiovascular health – The constant movement soccer requires is a great way to keep your cardiovascular system healthy! 30 minutes of moderate cardio exercise is recommended.
  2. Lowers body fat and increases muscle tone – We’re living in a day and age where childhood obesity is a problem. Why not jump out ahead of it at a young age? According to research done at Harvard, children can burn anywhere from 260-310 calories within a half-hour of playing soccer. This is among one of the highest rates in youth sports.
  3. Builds strength and endurance – Contrary to popular belief, soccer benefits your core strength, as well as the cardiovascular system. This will give kids the opportunity to build strength from a young age having to hit the gym. For our recreational league, they can hit the gym in the offseason to stay in shape.

Mental Benefits of Soccer

  1. Improved Mood – Multiple studies have shown that physical activity releases chemicals in your brain, which then triggers happiness. With soccer being a very physical sport, children who participate can see a decrease in stress, anxiety, and depression, while seeing an increase in happiness and overall mood.
  2. Boost in Confidence – As your child continues in our program, they will see an increase in their skill level. This is through all the time and dedication they put into the sport. It goes to show that the saying “practice makes perfect” fits well in this scenario.
  3. Relationship Strength – Like most of you already know, soccer is a team-driven sport. It doesn’t take one member to succeed, but instead the whole team. This forces teams to create the chemistry it will need to succeed. Children who participate in team sports are far more likely to build strong relationships, and soccer is the perfect way to start that.

Youth Soccer is currently available at our Camp Curtin YMCA location. Click on your preferred branch below to learn more about the program!

Camp Curtin YMCA - Youth Soccer

Your child will experience soccer through interactive play in a very nurturing and FUN environment! This program focuses on basic soccer skills, nutrition education, and positive character skills.

Current Session: April 4–May 26, 2022
Age Groups: Ages 7 and under and 8-13
Days & Times: Monday & Wednesday from 5:30-6:30 PM

FREE TO THE COMMUNITY! Community program registration must be completed at the branch. Stop by the desk or call us at (717) 238-9622 to get started!

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