Youth and Government Delegates Welcome Students from China

International goodwill between youth was on display recently when the East Shore YMCA’s Youth and Government delegates hosted a group of 13 high school students from the People’s Republic of China. The visiting students were on a tour of U.S. colleges and universities and made a stop in Harrisburg to meet some American counterparts.

The delegations engaged their guests in creative activities to “break the ice” in getting to know one another. Their efforts were successful as smiles were in abundance when they enjoyed some pizza and soft drinks. “Selfies” were being taken over and over as the students desired ways to remember the special evening and their new friends.

East Shore Y Blue delegation member and 2014 Speaker of the House Ryan Plesco summed up the experience this way, “It allowed me to interact with students from a nation completely different from my own.”

The evening was a huge success for all students and adult advisers. It reminded us all how easy it is to make friends with a smile and kind words.

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