healthy summer skin – Tips to Healthy, Summer Skin

Tips to Healthy, Summer Skin


Want that soft, healthy, glowing skin all summer? Avoid sunburns, breakouts, dehydration, and more with these summer skin tips!


  1. Wear Sunscreen.
    Sunscreen is the number one way to keep your skin healthy during the summer. Make sure to use sunscreen during the day with a minimum of SPF 30. In fact, avoiding long-term sun exposure is better for your skin, so make sure to wear sunglasses, protective clothing, and hats to avoid the risk of skin cancer during the heat of the day.
  2. Drink Water.
    Water is your friend! Make sure to drink more water than you think you need during the hot summer months. Hydrating your skin can help to improve its elasticity and give you a youthful glow! Plus, the rest of your body will thank you for the H20, as well.
  3. Exfoliate.
    To get that soft skin you’ve always dreamed of, it’s important to exfoliate. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin remnants – allowing your skin to breathe. This can also help to prevent acne, as it removes any dirt and debris on the surface of your skin. Make sure to do this in the morning before applying sunscreen or make up. This will allow the products to sit directly on your healthy, clear skin.
  4. Lip Balm.
    Hate when your lips chap in the summer (and winter)? Make sure to apply lip balm every day to help keep your lips moisturized and smooth. It’s recommended to use lip balm with SPF to help protect the surface of your lips from sunburn, as well.
  5. Take cold showers.
    Hot showers, especially after sweating and being out in the sun, can do more damage than good. Applying large amounts of hot water to the skin during these times can strip the skin of its natural oils. It’s recommended to keep the water temperature cool to protect your skin and allow natural oils to keep your skin feeling smooth.
  6. Eat healthy.
    Filling your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, along with the proper amount of vitamins, can help keep your skin healthy. Excess fats, sugar, and processed foods can cause skin acne and should be avoided. A well-balanced, natural diet can truly make a difference in your skin and can also help to improve your energy levels, sleep issues, and overall physical well-being.

Summer is here and it’s important to protect your skin. We hope these tips help give you glowing, healthy skin all summer long!


Emily Sanville, Digital Communications Coordinator

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