Tips for a Healthy, Happy Halloween

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Halloween, my inner child screams “CANDY!” Why can’t candy be healthy for you?! Well…until the day that researchers find a reason that candy is good for you, here are some tips to keep your diet on the right track during the sweet Halloween season.

If you are planning on hosting a Halloween bash, switch out the overflowing bowls of Halloween candy for some healthier, but still delicious options.  Some tasty and healthy treats can be found on Food Network’s Website. Your guests will thank you when they can fit into their costumes!

Another way to beat the expanding waistline that may come around the Halloween season is apple picking. There are many benefits to apple picking. First, you can pick fresh, locally- grown, delicious apples that are a much healthier option than Halloween candy. Next, there are many recipes surrounding this season which include apples such as this one for healthy apple cider.  Another reason apple picking is fantastic is that you will get a great workout from walking around the apple orchards. Lastly, not that apple picking needs anymore reasons that it is great, but, you get to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather with your family and friends who come along. Find local apple orchards here!

The last tip I have is if you have kids, walk around the neighborhood with them when they go door to door collecting Halloween candy. Not only is it safer for them, but it is also a nice workout for you. Also, as an added bonus, if you carry their bags when they get heavy, there is some built-in weight training for you for that day!

Have a healthy, happy, and spooktacular Halloween!

For more Halloween fun, please join us for Halloween at the Y, October 26, 2013 at the West Shore YMCA. CLICK HERE for details.

Contributed by Meghan Ackerman, Marketing Intern

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