– The West Shore YMCA - An Oasis for Everyone

The West Shore YMCA – An Oasis for Everyone

oasisTim has served as a group fitness instructor at the West Shore YMCA for many years. He wrote and shared the following piece with us on what the West Shore YMCA means to him and to many others in the community:

“It’s a typical December day in Central Pennsylvania.  Cold, a little windy, the kind of a day that makes you think of the virtues of Florida.

Typical day at the West Shore Y, too.  People milling about, moms bringing in their kids, the smell of chlorine in the air.

I ask myself, “Why is this such a popular place?”  and “Why do people keep coming in here day after day?”

The answer is easy to figure out, once you think about it:

The Y is an Oasis that fulfills our needs in many meaningful ways.

It is an Oasis for the retired community, who come to trade their stories and memories with their friends.

It is an Oasis for the children, who love to walk on the outside wall, push the handicapped button to let themselves in and to play and be who they want to be.

It is an Oasis for adults, many of whom come to personal training sessions, to swim or take the group fitness classes, as much for the exercise as for the camaraderie and socialization with their friends.

It is an Oasis for those who are having a tough day and just need some “me” time, which might be spent swimming laps in the pool or walking or jogging around the track.

It is an Oasis for the competitor, be they the noon time basketball player or the racquetball aficionado.

It is an Oasis for the people who work here, including people like me who teach Group Fitness, who derive great joy in contributing to the health and well being of the members.

It is an Oasis for the lonely, who can come and will be given a warm greeting and made to feel welcome.

The Y is a “welcoming place”, a place where no one is judged and no one is any more or less important than anyone else.

For me, it is a place that has become an indispensable part of my life and a place that I would miss terribly if I could not visit it regularly.

I would encourage you to check us out. You will be glad you did.”

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