– Become a Block Leader!

Become a Block Leader!

The Camp Curtin YMCA has embarked on a Trauma Responsive Community Violence Prevention program in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

Central to this program are Block Leaders who will be trained in Trauma-Informed Care and as points of contact for the neighborhood. Block Leaders will be looked to for implementing Trauma-informed strategies in their neighborhoods, as well as planning community events that emphasize the importance of building a Trauma-informed community.

The following is a list of duties associated with performing as a Block Leader for this program:

  • Block Leaders will receive civic engagement, and effective communication training, as well as training consistent with Camp Curtin YMCA on-boarding procedures.
  • Block Leaders will be trained in Trauma-Informed Care. This includes Trauma 101, Trauma 103, and Mental Health First-Aid.
  • Block Leaders pass along information and materials on the effects of Trauma including Adverse Childhood Experiences.
  • Block Leaders will serve as Community Resource experts. They will be knowledgeable of resources that are available to the community, as well as how to access those resources. These resources may also be employed in solving issues that the neighborhood is experiencing collectively. To that end, Block Leaders will engage community members in building relationships with each other.
  • Block Leaders will also assist with the data collection of the project by assisting with the distribution of community surveys.
  • Block Leaders are the planners and organizers of the quarterly Blue Table Talks, also known as community events. They will recruit their neighbors to participate in the events and will also meet to debrief after those quarterly events. They will also plan any programming that takes place at these events.
  • Block Leaders will meet at least monthly as a group to discuss resources or issues that community members may be experiencing individually and/or collectively. In addition, they will also set up informal gatherings with their neighbors to help build stronger relationships among community members.

Ready to step up? Please contact TaWanda Stallworth at 717-238-9622 x109 or to learn how to apply.

– Become a Block Leader!

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