September 2021 IMPACT!

The Harrisburg Area YMCA is committed to providing a safe space for people of all ages, backgrounds, and physical capabilities to gather, exercise, worship, and thrive. We have taken comprehensive measures to clean and disinfect our facilities to ensure the safety of everyone who walks through our doors. 

This month, we’ve added a new fitness package to our facility membership: Y Wellness 24/7. This robust fitness resource includes thousands of on-demand fitness classes ranging from mindfulness to strength training to full-body workouts. Y Wellness 24/7 also offers hundreds of weekly live classes, allowing our members to work out from home to their favorite instructors in our association and across the nation. We hope that our members are able to enjoy all of our YMCA services, whether at the Y or at home!

Camp Curtin YMCA– September 2021 IMPACT!

Cornerstone In Uptown Harrisburg is an exciting initiative from the Camp Curtin YMCA, creating affordable housing in an economically distressed area of Uptown Harrisburg. The purpose of this project is to eliminate blighted vacant lots, reduce crime, and create a newfound pride in the community surrounding the Camp Curtin YMCA. The current vacant lots are located on Jefferson Street in Uptown, where we will be constructing four single-family houses, each equipped with three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and off-street parking. We’re excited to announce the ground-breaking ceremony and kick-off celebration, which will be held on Thursday, October 28, 2021, at 2:00 PM onsite at the corner of Woodbine and Jefferson Streets in Harrisburg!

– September 2021 IMPACT!East Shore YMCA

Did you know that the East Shore YMCA partners with local institutions to provide sports programming? The East Shore YMCA is proud to work with the Susquehanna Swim Team who hold regular practices in our pool, as well as Harrisburg University and their eSports team, the Storm! The Storm placed first in National eSports Championship in 2019. We’re excited and proud to continue our partnerships with local schools and universities, offering space and community for students looking to improve their skills and thrive.

Friendship YMCA– September 2021 IMPACT!

The Harrisburg Area YMCA recently introduced a free Balance and Mobility class for older adults in the community. The program offered class twice per week for 10 weeks, proving successful at the Friendship YMCA and for its surrounding community. Richard and Peggy Puerzer had the opportunity to attend both sessions:

“I feel stronger. I think about what I’m doing and my movements in a more controlled way.” – Peggy

“I simply feel better, especially after class. My balance, strength, and cardio have improved. I appreciate that the instructors are very aware of the individuals’ needs in the class en masse.” – Richard

While the Balance and Mobility class has concluded, the Friendship YMCA provides a variety of classes well-suited for older adults and beginner exercisers.

– September 2021 IMPACT!Northern Dauphin County YMCA

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), also known as the Summer Meals Program, ensures children continue to receive nutritious meals when school is out for the summer by providing free breakfast and lunch daily. In 2019, SFSP provided more than 141 million meals and snacks to youth in low-income areas during the summer. The Northern Dauphin County YMCA had great success with our first year serving our community. We were able to serve over 50 youth for breakfast and lunch daily, totaling nearly 2,000 meals served this summer. Thank you to all staff and volunteers who helped us feed our community!

West Shore YMCA– September 2021 IMPACT!

During the summer, the West Shore YMCA participated in the Balance and Mobility class session held throughout the Harrisburg Area YMCA association. One participant noted, “I have been at the Y since I was very little until I had to leave, and now I’m back. I always took classes in the water, in the studios, and worked out upstairs. I have been a volunteer for many years and now I keep coming. I like it here and I hope to keep coming for a long time. The Balance and Mobility class makes me stretch, and doing it in unison with other classes makes a difference. I always liked coming to classes and it makes me feel good. I enjoy the Balance and Mobility class and I’ll keep coming, being almost 91. I hope to make it to 92!” Thank you, Marie, for your devotion to the Y, and kudos to you for continuing the improvement of your physical health, even into your 90s! You’re an inspiration to us all!

– September 2021 IMPACT!YMCA Center for Healthy Living

The Harrisburg Area YMCA’s Center for Healthy Living continues to travel the state on the YMCA and Pennie™ Health Equity Tour. Throughout the tour, we’re able to provide not only education and resources but are also teaming up with community partners to provide screenings and COVID-19 vaccinations. So far, we’ve completed 34 stops with 16 of those being vaccination sites. In order to better serve the communities of the Commonwealth, we find it imperative to meet people where they are and where they can best access these health resources. People are our purpose! For more information on the state-wide Health Equity Tour, visit our website below.

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