Reflections of a Retiring Race Director

Andy Wahila, the Race Director at the East Shore Y for the past two years, has accepted a new position that will further his career.  Executive Director Chad Krebs has announced Tom Gifford, currently the Off-Site Fitness Director at T.E. Connectivity, as Andy’s replacement.   Andy shares his reflections on his tenure at the East Shore Y,

by Andy Wahila
When I arrived at the East Shore Y two years ago, I was excited to prove my mettle by expanding and improving our series of races.  Over the past several years our race program has grown in popularity, not only in the Harrisburg area, but in adjoining areas and even other states.  All of our racing events have developed a very strong base and earned a reputation for excellence.

I was honored to be tasked with taking our race program to the next level. While I confronted a steep learning curve during my first year, I learned that I was encompassed by a ring of sturdy support. I learned I had a solid network of people to whom I could turn for advice.  I also learned I had a massive volunteer base on which to draw.

Without these volunteers our races could not exist. I can never thank our dedicated volunteers enough.  They show up uncomplaining on a frigid November morning for the Marathon, or stay into the late hours of a steamy summer night to help clean up after the Harrisburg Mile. The races are possible only because of the volunteers.

After working with the races and the Y for the past two years I feel optimistic about the direction each event is heading. Throughout my employment with the Y, my primary objective was to produce high quality, family friendly and competitive events for the entire community. If our events are successful, our fund raising is also successful, and everyone benefits–most importantly, the people who depend on the Y.  Leaving the Y was a very difficult decision, but I feel confident about the race program’s future.  I am still excited to anticipate what Tom Gifford may do to expand and improve our race program.


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