A Place For Family

I am Darren Gill, the father of two daughters (Kaleigh, 12 and Kendra, 6) in the YMCA Adventure Guides program.  Our family has been part of the Adventure Guides program for 5 years.  Adventure Guides is a chance to spend some dedicated time with my daughters.  Its events allow me to devote time to focus on what my daughters are asking me and telling me and not simply hear them in passing as so often happens in daily life.  The twice a year camping trips are definitely the highlight.  They simplify life and slow down its pace, if only for those 2 weekends a year.  The time in the mountains, away from television, cell phones, iPods, videogames and other distractions is ideal for reestablishing a rapport with my daughters.  Adventure Guide events are also a great opportunity for dads to just be guys, relax and hang out.

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