Over-70 Under Handball Tournament at the East Shore Y

On May 31st, 2015, a group of handball players at the East Shore Y organized a very special and unique event. Long-time Y members Mike Petroskie and John Brinjac put together an over-70 handball tournament. In this tournament, a player that was over 70 teamed up with a player that was under 70. All in all, there were 8 teams! The following is a letter from Mike Petroskie about the event:

“This tournament is a great example of the community at the East Shore Y. These handballs players took their passion for the game and put together a friendly tournament that captures the spirit of the YMCA. Good job guys and thanks for being a part of the East Shore Y! T

Well it started very innocently one day in the YMCA shower where John Brinjac asked Mike Petroskie if he was going to be 70 years old on May 30, the old traditional Memorial Day. Mike replied in the affirmative. Then John in his inimitable way said we should have an Over-Under Septuagenarian Handball Tournament. My first thought was another tournament for me to organize, but to my amazement John said he would organize the event and so he did. And he did an outstanding job. We had seven over 70 and one 67 year-old pair up with an under 70 player to have a draw of 8 teams and the results are as follows:

Tourney winners were Doug Howell and Mike Petroskie. Doug was a formidable player over the years but had to stop playing five years ago due to a back injury which he eventually had taken care of. I invited Doug to play and to be his partner. Even after a 5 year hiatus Doug’s skills were still very evident and he played some outstanding handball. Our first victims were Tom, the elder, Hanshaw and Chad Krebs going down 31-12. Then came 70-plus Bob Norris and Kevin Gibson losing 31-18. In the finals, Doug and Mike went against the #1 Y player JJ Nissley paired with the elder RT Linsenbach and the results were 21-6, 11-21, and 11-6.

The tournament  was an unqualified success and all participants are to be thanked for taking part and thanks to John Brinjac for coming up with the idea and following through with organizing this event that needs to be repeated.

Play Handball and Live Longer.”

Check out the newsletter attached: OVER_UNDER_70_MAY_2015


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