Online workout platform – Our New Online Workout Platform: Y Wellness 24/7

Our New Online Workout Platform: Y Wellness 24/7

Every New Year, millions of people set the common resolution of reaching a healthy weight, eating better, and exercising more. The gyms are packed, as many people buy memberships that they use for about a month. Even with the best intentions, they feel intimidated by the enormity of their goals. “Lose 40 pounds,” “Eat only 1400 calories,” “Go to the gym five days a week.” You have probably heard these demands before from yourself or others. According to Psych News Daily, a study in the UK found that 64% of people who set these resolutions drop them within a month. This is because the goals they set for themselves are not sustainable, as many lack the tools to do so. The past two years have made this much more complicated since people are stuck at home and unable to go to a gym. All in all, the global pandemic has made it much harder to be healthy and active. That’s why our online workout platform Y Wellness 24/7 can help!

Online workout platform

Benefits of an Online Workout Platform Like Y Wellness 24/7

Y Wellness 24/7 allows you to set health goals and meet them in the comfort of your own home. There are classes for exercise, cooking, mindfulness, meditation, and more. Just create an account, enter your height and weight, areas of interest, and goals to determine what is right for you.

The benefits of exercise include:

  • Better muscular and bone health
  • Better sleep
  • Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Weight loss and weight maintenance

Y Wellness 24/7 is also more than just an online workout platform. There are also classes for mindfulness and meditation!

The benefits of mindfulness include:

  • Improved well-being
  • Better physical health
  • Helps mental health

Meditation is especially important when it comes to mindfulness. It allows you to sit and refocus your thoughts by paying attention to your breath. It is proven that meditation reduces stress and improves overall well-being. So if you can, take some time out of your day to try one of the meditation classes on Y Wellness 24/7.

Online workout platform – Our New Online Workout Platform: Y Wellness 24/7

How the Online Workout Classes Work

An online workout platform is best when they have a variety of classes. Y Wellness 24/7 classes are live or recorded for you to view at any time and you can choose your favorite instructor! If you don’t have any equipment, there are bodyweight workouts that you can do using your own weight. There are also office workouts that you can do to stay active while at work, and dog workouts that let you and your pooch exercise together. Office exercises are especially beneficial as they can help you to keep moving during the day instead of sitting at your desk. Dog workouts can help you stay active while letting your dog expend any extra energy, which is the perfect medicine for zoomies!

Online workout platform – Our New Online Workout Platform: Y Wellness 24/7

Y Wellness 24/7 Promotes Healthy Eating

Cooking classes and classes for various medical conditions are available, along with classes for education, parenting, and other areas. Healthy cooking is especially important for immune health and can prevent diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. Y Wellness 24/7’s cooking classes can help you create delicious meals that are rich in nutrients that improve your health, so you can reach your health goals even faster.

Community Classes Can Create Motivation

An added benefit of using an online workout platform is the community. Community classes can also help you reach your goals through accountability, providing a ton of fitness and health motivation! Seeing others reach their goals can increase your confidence and increase your drive.

The Y Wellness 24/7 platform is a great way to engage with your YMCA community when you’re on the go or can’t make it to class. YMCA instructors will guide you through your chosen activity and encourage you along the way. Many classes are even streamed with a live participant base, so you’ll feel a part of the action, just like when you’re exercising at your YMCA!

Online workout platform – Our New Online Workout Platform: Y Wellness 24/7

Well, What Are You Waiting For?

Y Wellness 24/7 can help you reach your fitness and wellness goals without you needing to leave your home and can allow you to improve your diet and overall well-being, as well as help foster a sense of community. Get started now!

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Mack Schmitz, Program Assistant

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