November 2019 IMPACT!

This time of year reminds us to always be thankful for each other, ourselves, and our community. The Harrisburg Area YMCA is endlessly thankful for its donors, sponsors, members, staff, and community partners. Without you all, we could never offer the programs and services that benefit folks from all walks of life, abilities, and backgrounds. 

We shared our thanks this year at the 165th Annual Meeting, held on Wednesday, November 20th. Our distinguished guest speaker was Merril Hoge, philanthropist, author, former NFL player, and former ESPN analyst. Merril spoke about his philosophy on life and his battle with cancer, reminding all of us to stay grateful for what we have and to always strive to find a way. His words resonated around the room, ushering us into the Thanksgiving holiday.

Camp Curtin YMCA– November 2019 IMPACT!

On Friday, November 1st, Camp Curtin YMCA Y Achievers Brendon Jones, Lalasa Blanco, Darian Brown, and Aiden Glasgow joined the Boys & Girls Club of Harrisburg for their Annual Gala at the Harrisburg Hilton! The Keynote Speaker was Dr. Bernard Harris, Jr, the first African American astronaut to walk in space! Our students were inspired to strive for greatness and understand that anything is possible! Y Achievers serves students in grades 6th-8th in the Harrisburg area.

– November 2019 IMPACT!East Shore YMCA

The 48th Enders Harrisburg Marathon, presented by Donegal Insurance Group, had 1,139 participants on Sunday, November 10th. The weather was beautiful and clear. We would like to extend our thanks to all of the runners and spectators who came out to participate in and support the event. We are especially grateful to all of the people who make this event possible, including 400 volunteers, five police departments, dozens of vendors, the City of Harrisburg, Susquehanna Township, the Borough of Wormleysburg, and many more! Without everyone who participated in and supported the event, this event would not be possible.

Northern Dauphin County YMCA– November 2019 IMPACT!

Several of our mentoring students at the Northern Dauphin County YMCA participated in a Special Olympics event at the Upper Dauphin Area High School on October 9th. Mentoring staff were on-hand to cheer them on and hand out information about our mentoring programs. Our mentoring programs are offered to at-risk students in grades 2-12 in the surrounding community. Mentoring is proven to help youth improve their self-confidence, self-sufficiency, and team working skills.

– November 2019 IMPACT!West Shore YMCA

The West Shore YMCA serves over 3,100 kids per year in our various youth sports programs. Children have the opportunity of participating in seven different youth sports and programs at our branch! Sports have a variety of benefits to youth, including developing motor skills, teamwork, cooperation, self-esteem, self-discipline, leadership, and more. The West Shore YMCA provides opportunities for children of ALL backgrounds and abilities. Currently, the West Shore YMCA has 592 participating in Gymnastics, 338 in Volleyball, 65 in Karate, 31 in Judo, 31 in Fencing, 297 in Basketball, and over 1,700 in Swimming programs!

YMCA Center For Healthy Living– November 2019 IMPACT!

November is National Diabetes Month, and this year the focus is on the relationship between diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Those with diabetes have a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Throughout November, learn how to manage your diabetes, help support a loved one living with it, or prevent those with prediabetes from developing the disease. Participate in social media, community, and national events throughout the month to help raise awareness throughout the community. For more information about preventing diabetes or how to better manage your blood pressure, visit the YMCA’s Center for Healthy Living website or follow us on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook!

Stay tuned for next month’s goings-on at the Harrisburg Area YMCA!

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