Mens Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month

June is here! It isn’t just the month of summer, it’s the month for men’s health! Men’s Health Month is recognized each June and its purpose is to encourage men to make healthy choices. It also serves the purpose to increase awareness regarding preventable health issues. While men’s health is the forefront in many people’s minds this month, it’s the perfect time for men to take steps toward improving their health. Here are just four of the many ways men can go about health as a priority this month:

Men's Health Month – June is Men's Health Month

Make Appointments for Your Health

According to the Movember Foundation, men are 24% less likely than women to visit a doctor each year. Visiting your primary physician, dentist, or others may not be fun, but it’s necessary! These visits are necessary to make sure you are healthy and getting in front of any health issues. Even if you don’t feel unhealthy or sick, doctor appointments help you learn more about your day-to-day health and conduct regular tests and screenings. Being proactive about these visits is crucial to catch any issues before they start affecting your health. Make June your month to set up any recommended health appointments you may be behind on.

Exercise Regularly

Physical activity doesn’t just keep you at a healthy weight! It can also improve your health and decrease your chance of developing serious issues. These issues can include heart conditions and diabetes. It may be difficult to find time to exercise enough or know how to get started. Considering your lifestyle and what exercises work best for you can be a helpful first step. The Harrisburg Area YMCA offers many services, classes, and facilities that can help you along your starting journey. Creating a schedule can also help you keep track of your activity and hold yourself accountable. Fitness doesn’t have to be intense or extensive; efforts like taking a 15-minute walk can help improve your health.

Drink Enough Water

Drinking water every day has endless benefits. Some include increasing your energy, boosting your immune system, and improving your physical activity. It’s recommended that we drink about 8.5 cups of water each day, but the average American still only drinks about 2.5 cups daily. Keeping daily track of your water intake (there’s an app for that) or buying a reusable water bottle can make drinking water the healthiest kind of habit! Trust us, your body will thank you.

Read Up On Your Health

An easy way to be proactive about staying healthy is by reading up on health information and tips. Sites like hims have blogs with a ton of helpful information on topics such as mental health and exercise. Find sites that you can check daily or weekly to stay updated on health news to discover more tips to take care of your health.

Men's Health Month – June is Men's Health Month

Googling symptoms you’re experiencing often comes with a laundry list of potential illnesses that can scare us. To avoid this, be knowledgeable on the above topics to make better-informed decisions regarding your health. Celebrate Men’s Health Month the right way!

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