Making a Difference: YMCA Scholarship Program in Action

“We started our three children at the East Shore YMCA for swimming lessons this past summer. After one session we knew it was definitely a priority for our family. All three children have anxiety disorders and Stephen has autism, making social activities sometimes challenging for our family. However, the structure of the swimming lessons and physical activity was the perfect outlet to boost their confidence and provide Stephen with sensory regulation.

Shortly after we paid for our first class we had several financial setbacks: vehicle repair, sewer back-up into the basement with thousands of dollars of damage and finally in September my husband lost his job. At this point we did not know how we could afford swimming lessons but with the incredible generosity of benefactors at the Y we have been able to participate in every session! It is a huge blessing as my husband starts a new job and we get back on our feet after this year to watch our children grow, not only in swimming skills, but also developing more confidence through the program at the YMCA. The generosity of this scholarship program has changed our family’s life this year and given us hope and encouragement through a difficult time.”

– Vanessa B.

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