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Love is in the air this month! February, known for its Valentine’s Day holiday, also happens to be the month that our nation celebrates hearts. Not the metaphorical “heart” consisting of love, romance, and emotion, but the physical kind – the one beating inside of you. During the month of February, WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women With Heart Disease is bringing awareness to heart disease through their “American Heart Month” campaign.

During the entire month of February, WomenHeart will be doing a social media campaign called “#29DaysOfHeart” and will be honoring Black History Month, as well. According to, “In honor of African-American History Month and American Heart Month, every day in February WomenHeart will issue a Tweet, Instagram post and Facebook post spotlighting a famous African-American woman who has made a significant contribution in the field of women’s heart health.”

This month-long campaign will also host a variety of smaller campaigns, as well. The American Heart Association and WomenHeart celebrated “Wear Red for Women” Day on February 5th  where women across the country wore something red in order to raise awareness for heart disease and stroke. To read more about this event, click here.

On February 14-20th, the organization will also be celebrating “Heart Failure Awareness Week” to raise awareness for heart failure in women. The events of the week are yet to be released, but we can expect there will be the following from, “American Heart Month 2016”:

  • “Heart Failure Awareness Week Twitter Chat with the Heart Failure Society of America”
  • “Press release issued by WomenHeart with links to all our new educational materials on heart failure in women”
  • “Women living with heart failure profiled on WomenHeart’s social media channels”

To conclude American Heart Month on February 29th, WomenHeart will be hosting Jennifer Mieres, MD, Member of WomenHeart’s Scientific Advisory Council, Professor of Cardiology & Population Health, Hofstra North-Shore-LIJ School of Medicine on their Twitter campaign “#29DaysofHeart.” She will answer 10 questions about heart disease in African American women on social media.

Awareness is the first step. But don’t forget – changing our lifestyles to reflect healthier hearts is just as important as raising awareness for the deadly disease. In fact, the American Heart Association says the most effective way to prevent heart disease is through healthy eating and regular exercise.

love your heartThough keeping our (physical) hearts healthy this Valentine’s Day is certainly one of the best gifts that we can give to our significant others, it is important to honor the season of romance by loving those around us in creative ways, as well. The American Heart Association provided “Heart-Health Valentine’s Day Tips” to keep us cognizant of how we can maintain healthy hearts both emotionally and physiologically this Valentine’s Day.

Tips include:

  • Taking Romantic Walks
  • Splitting a Dinner Entrée When Dining Out
  • Gifting Fruit Baskets and Flowers Instead of Chocolate
  • Taking a Cooking Class and Make Your Beloved a Meal At Home

These tips aren’t the only ones out there, but they’re a great way to get started! Love your heart in more ways than one this year and consider how you can be creative this Valentine’s Day with your loved one, while keeping your heart healthy. Looking for something simple to do? Treat your heart to a good workout and connect with fellow members at the YMCA. We’re open all day on Valentine’s Day and would love to see you!

To learn more about National Heart Month and WomenHeart, visit their website at

Emily Sanville, Digital Communications Coordinator

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