holidays – Healthier Holidays

Healthier Holidays

Unsure what to make for your holiday festivities? It’s hard to choose, especially when you’re trying to stay healthy! Whether you’re hosting or going to a potluck, there is always something for everybody during the holidays. I’ve compiled a short list of delicious party foods you won’t want to wait on!

holidays – Healthier Holidays

Crudite Vegetable Wreath

Festive and fresh! And pretty. This wreath features all of your favorite greens with cauliflower and tomatoes. Instead of regular ranch for the center, try their homemade ranch dip with nonfat Greek yogurt.

holidays – Healthier Holidays

Cauliflower Soup

While you’re waiting for your turkey/ham/roast beef/tofu to finish, throw together this easy soup that’s creamy, low-carb, and delicious!

holidays – Healthier Holidays

Festive Holiday Strata

This dish is perfect for overnight family guests. It’s yummy and easy to prepare amid holiday stress! It’s a crowd pleaser and a crowd feeder.

holidays – Healthier Holidays

Roasted Leg of Lamb

Trying to do something different? This choice of protein is a change of pace from the usual ham or turkey route. It’s great for any Paleo guests!

holidays – Healthier Holidays

Spinach Balls

As someone who grew up with these at family functions, I can personally attest that these are an excellent, healthy appetizer. Grabbing seconds won’t come with a side of guilt!

holidays – Healthier Holidays

Dark Chocolate-Pistachio Tart

Did somebody mention dessert? No? This one is rich, filling, and heart-healthy! Plus, it has “chocolate” in the title.

holidays – Healthier Holidays

White Chocolate Nutella Cookies

Admittedly, these aren’t healthy, per se. It’s the holidays, and who doesn’t like Nutella?

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!


–Madeline Kelly, Digital Communications Coordinator

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