Denise Makes Strides with Diabetes Prevention Program

The Northern Dauphin County YMCA provides help for individuals in the community to overcome diabetes with the National Diabetes Prevention Program. Through this program, individuals learn healthy eating habits, receive support, and are encouraged to participate in the YMCA fitness programs in order to battle the disease that is diabetes. The following is a letter the staff received from Denise, a participant in the program:

“I would like to take a moment to thank the CDC and the Harrisburg YMCA for sponsoring the National Diabetes Prevention Program.

I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes early last year.  My doctor recommended that I attempt to control the disease with diet and exercise, and scheduled a follow-up visit in December to chart my progress.  Unfortunately, I was unable to successfully make any progress in improving both my weight and blood glucose levels on my own.  In December, after an additional blood work test, it was recommended that I be put on medication to help lower my blood sugar levels.  Having no desire to be on medication, I asked for additional time to work on this issue. 

Shortly after my December doctor appointment, I learned about the National Diabetes Prevention Program being offered at the YMCA. I am now 12 weeks into the program.  During this time period, I have learned a healthy way of eating and received the encouragement needed to pursue a healthy lifestyle.  While only about half way through the program, I have already reduced my blood sugar levels over 30 points – putting me back in the “normal” range for blood sugars and negating any need to be placed on medication!

The program has provided support, accountability, and incentive to meeting and achieving my goals.  In addition, the membership to the YMCA that is included with the program is an invaluable asset!  The fitness programs offered at the YMCA are an integral part of my success in the program.

I understand that my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is a lifelong process, and I enjoy working with my lifestyle coach, Amy, in setting (and achieving!) all of my future goals! Thank you again for this program.”

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