December 2020 IMPACT!

In the last month of 2020, we reflect on the whirlwind of a year that caught all of us by surprise. The Harrisburg Area YMCA has seen a shaken community and, in turn, provided a safe space for blood drives, food distributions, virtual learning, housing, and so much more. With this holiday season, we are reminded how blessed we are to have the ability to help our neighbors grow and thrive. We’re grateful for our committed staff, our generous volunteers, and you, our wonderful community. The Harrisburg Area YMCA, while required to be closed, will continue to ring in the new year with hope for the future and love in our hearts.

We’re especially grateful for the Camp Curtin YMCA, who is committed to their immense social outreach programming, feeding hungry families in Harrisburg almost every day since last July. Not even a foot of snow stopped them from hiring a snowplow to lead YMCA delivery trucks to shelters and community centers often located down the small side streets of Harrisburg; and for that, we are reminded why we’re here. We’re here for you. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, everyone!

Introducing: the Friendship YMCA– December 2020 IMPACT!

We are so excited to announce the newest addition to our Harrisburg Area YMCA family, the Friendship YMCA! With the help of Lower Paxton Township, we are able to expand our mission and services even further into our community. If the state allows our facilities to reopen on January 4th, we will be opening the Friendship YMCA in January 2021. To start, we will be opening the Wellness Center and Aquatics area for general use, launching your favorite YMCA programs on a week-by-week basis as we gather member interest. If you would like to sign up for a membership, you can start early and join us for our Pre-Sale hours every Monday (9AM-1PM), Wednesday (4PM-8PM), and Saturday (9AM-1PM)! Paperwork is available on our website or in-person for you to fill out. Thank you to everyone involved in making this dream a reality! Stay tuned for opening details coming soon.

– December 2020 IMPACT!Camp Curtin YMCA

The Camp Curtin YMCA has been a pillar in the uptown Harrisburg community. Throughout the pandemic, we have strengthened our social outreach programming to include Trauma Response, food distribution, virtual learning, and more. On November 23rd, we held our annual Thanksgiving giveaway, which provided 350 families with free turkeys and all the sides. We’re so thankful to have the partners and resources to serve our friends in the community. Thank you so much to our main partners, Giant Food Stores (Kline Village, Harrisburg) and the Central PA Food Bank. As the pandemic and freezing temps rage on, the Camp Curtin YMCA will continue to help those in need. To follow our efforts on social media, check out our Facebook page. Visit our website to learn more about community services at the Camp Curtin YMCA.

East Shore YMCA– December 2020 IMPACT!

The East Shore YMCA proved to area runners that safe in-person running events WERE possible in 2020! With virtual races taking over this year’s docket, the Harrisburg Area YMCA Race Series continued to hold some of its high-profile races with limited capacity and a myriad of safety precautions. The Enders Harrisburg Marathon was held on the weekend of November 8th and saw over 550 runners from the region and beyond. We’re incredibly proud of the event we were able to host, bringing some normalcy back into the lives of our local runners. We’d like to especially thank our volunteers, race staff, participants, and our sponsors: Enders Insurance and Donegal Insurance Group. Here’s to safe, healthy races in 2021! Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the 2021 Race Series.

– December 2020 IMPACT!

Northern Dauphin County YMCA

During the month of December, the Northern Dauphin County YMCA Mentoring students wanted to give back to their community and local organizations by volunteering. They first volunteered at the Lykens Valley Children’s Museum. The students and staff helped with cleaning and prep for an activity that will be available for children at the museum. Next, they volunteered for the Salvation Army Ringing of the Bells to raise money for families in need within our community. All of our students did a great job and appreciated giving back! We’re hopeful that during this recent closure we can continue to give back to the community as much as possible.

West Shore YMCA– December 2020 IMPACT!

The West Shore YMCA is continuing to host Blood Drives in collaboration with the Central PA Blood Bank. Our most recent Blood Drive was held on November 22nd, where 101 people came out to donate! While 74 were actually able to donate, the blood donated will help over 220 people. Throughout our Blood Drives, this one was by far the best! While we’re heartbroken that we are remaining closed through the New Year, we’re optimistic that we can use this time to continue helping those in need. In the meantime, we hope that you can continue to join us for our virtual workouts, where your favorite instructors teach live classes via Zoom. If we can’t get you to the Y, we’ll bring the Y to you!

– December 2020 IMPACT!YMCA Center for Healthy Living

The Harrisburg Area YMCA Center For Healthy Living is planning a tour for 2021 that will help us reduce health inequities by providing individual health education to combat risk behaviors, reduce barriers to accessing health care for disease and injury prevention, and improve living conditions. We will improve health inequity by addressing the social determinants of health. We will be making stops in counties across Pennsylvania distributing PPE, educating individuals on PA211, and working on reducing barriers in the most vulnerable communities.


Stay tuned for next month’s goings-on at the Harrisburg Area YMCA!

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