Community Change, One Teen at a Time

The Camp Curtin YMCA is known for their innovative and impact programming that is available to Harrisburg youth throughout the year. The SATs are sometimes a daunting task for students, and the Camp Curtin YMCA the Teen Achievers group made SAT Boot Camp available to its participants. At Boot Camp, students learned how to properly approach the SAT test using techniques for study and test day. The following is a letter the staff received regarding a participant in the program:

“Good morning Kyla!  Hope you all had a great time on the college tour!  I have been meaning to email you to thank you for hosting the SAT Boot Camp for the Teen Achievers in October.  Makera Hem was a wonderful instructor. She allowed Taj to take the notes home, which he hung all around his room. He took the PSAT shortly before the boot camp, and did okay, for it being his first time.  He recently took the SAT and improved his score by about 100 points.  He said the most important thing he took away from the boot camp was learning to manage his time better while taking the test.  Time management is definitely not his strong suit.

He will probably retake the test in June and definitely again in the Fall, with hopes that now that he has one under his belt and all the things Ms. Hem taught him in boot camp and the links she sent him, we can raise his score a couple more hundred points!

Again, thanks for all you and your staff do in the community and with Teen Achievers!  I truly do appreciate it!”

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