Better food for Healthier Kids!

In communities that lack supermarkets, families depend on corner stores for food purchases. The choices at these stores are often limited to packaged food and very little, if any, fresh produce. Corner stores are also frequent destinations for children, many of whom stop daily on the way to and from school for snacks. A study published in Pediatrics found that the average Philadelphia student purchases more than 350 calories on each visit to the corner store – and 29 percent of them shop at corner stores twice a day, five days a week, consuming almost a pound worth of additional calories each week.

The Healthy Corner Store Initiative originated in Philadelphia. Recently, this program has expanded since securing over 660 stores in Philadelphia. The Northern Dauphin County Branch YMCA is now working as a community partner with the American Lung Association, the Food Trust, and Department of Health to implement the Healthy Corner Store Initiative to Harrisburg’s community.

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