national learn to swim day – National Learn to Swim Day

National Learn to Swim Day

learn to swim daySwimming is one of those abilities we can often take for granted. Every summer, many look forward to jumping in the pool, playing in the ocean, boating on the lake, etc. How easy and freeing it is not to worry about our ability to tread water?

There are, however, many others who have never had the privilege of learning to swim and cannot experience the water in the same ways that those who learned can.

This Saturday, May 21st, 2016 mark’s the Fifth Annual National Learn to Swim Day. The day was developed in order to raise awareness for the importance of teaching children and adults to swim, because any time is a good time to learn.

bubblesWith pools opening on Memorial Day and summer approaching quickly, having National Swim Day in May is a perfect time to promote the importance of learning to swim for those in our community. As Monica Jones, Vice President of Marketing for Swimways, puts it in an article from Reuters, “Swimming is a classic summertime activity that the whole family can enjoy together. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for children nationwide to learn this invaluable life skill, which is just as essential for fun as it is for safety!”

Anyone can learn to swim, no matter how old you are or how uncomfortable you feel around water. According to an article on Learn to Swim Day from Days of the Year, “Swimming offers so many benefits that it’s impossible to say that your life would be just as good without it—it builds muscle strength and endurance, improves circulation, helps maintain a healthy weight, alleviates stress and improves both coordination and flexibility, to name but a few. Not to mention that knowing how to swim can easily save your life or allow you […] to save someone’s life!”

By learning to swim, you are putting yourself in a position to possibly save your own life and the life of someone you may know. In fact, learning to swim is just as important as practicing water safety. So, even if you feel like you’re an experienced swimmer, make sure you understand water safety, as well. To read more about Water Safety and its importance, click HERE.

Every year, more and more people are taking part in the celebrationbubbles of Learn to Swim Day by mastering the art of swimming. According to an article from Days of the Year, “It is estimated that […] about half of all Americans can’t swim, so if you happen to be a part of this group, this day is the perfect time to change your life for the better!”

Did you hear that? Nearly HALF of our American population cannot swim. In fact, TIME magazine records that a recent survey conducted on behalf of American Red Cross, “reveals that 44% don’t know basic water-safety skills.” That means millions of people out there might be fighting the same battles as you. And believe it or not, it’s easier to learn than you might think and starting sooner is always better.

As learning to swim takes time and regular exposure to the water, it’s important to get in the water as soon as possible to give yourself time to develop your skills. With the help from certified instructors, you could learn faster than you think. Many companies and individuals are certified to teach swim lessons, including the YMCA, and will help you on your journey to enjoying the water this year.

You are not alone. Celebrate Learn to Swim Day this year by taking the opportunity to learn this invaluable skill.  Whether you believe it’s too late for you, or your children are getting older and you still haven’t been able to put them in swim lessons, no worries! It’s never too late and the YMCA is one of the best places to learn to swim.

In fact, this summer, the East Shore YMCA is offering FREE Swim Lessons that are open to the community during the following session dates below. Registration for these FREE swim lessons opens on May 31st!

FREE Swim Lessons:

  • *Session 1: June 13th – 17th
  • Session 2: July 11th – 15th
  • Session 3: August 15th – 19th

*Session 1 is reserved for members at the Camp Curtin YMCA

We also offer regular swim lessons for all age groups, including private one-on-one sessions and group lessons. Click on the branch below to find out what types of swim lessons are offered for your area:

Other Swim Lessons:

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