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Healthy Easter Basket

Easter Baskets

Make this Easter a healthy one! This spring holiday can be an easy excuse to fill baskets full of egg or bunny-shaped chocolates and candy. From peanut butter eggs to Cadbury, sugar can end up being the main course of any Easter meal! If your children are looking forward to a candy-filled basket this Easter, here are a few healthier options to put in their Easter baskets!

  1. Planning an Easter Egg Hunt around the house or in the backyard? Incorporate clues in their Easter basket!

    Fill up some space by placing a large, plastic egg or box in their basket with a simple clue to find the next egg – like a scavenger hunt!

  2. Give them craft materials.

    Whether you’re creating paper bunny masks, paper eggs, or what have you, provide all the Easter craft materials in their baskets. From markers, to colored paper, to buttons and glue, your creative-minded kids will enjoy making a fun, new craft.

  1. Make Playdough.

    You can create colorful “eggs” of playdough for your children to play with all day long!

  1. The Easter Bunny loves carrots! 

    So, why not throw a few carrot sticks or baby carrots in the mix? This is a healthy snack that your children can eat and appreciate from a bunny’s perceptive.

  1. Give them something to read.

    Reading is a great way for children to learn and keep their minds active. After they open their Easter basket, you can choose to read the books together as a family, too!

  1. Sweet treats don’t have to be forbidden.

    You can substitute certain baked goods for peeps or chocolate bunnies, giving your children something for their sweet tooth without over-doing it.

No matter what Easter traditions, activities, or goodies you give this year, we hope everyone has a wonderful Easter spent with family and friends!

-Emily Sanville, Digital Communications Coordinator

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