– Finding Victory at the West Shore YMCA!

Finding Victory at the West Shore YMCA!

We asked for your #MyYVictory stories, and you shared some great ones! Here are two stories from our West Shore YMCA!

John's Victory

John has been attending the water walking class at the West Shore YMCA for about a year.  He used to power through the class all the time, thinking he was getting more out of the class. One day after class the instructor stopped him to talk to him and explain why she had been telling him to slow down, and focus on the exercises and not the speed.  He shared his goal of getting himself healthier. He came back to the next class and put her suggestions to work—once he understood that having good posture and doing the exercises more controlled, he admitted that he could feel the difference within about 2 weeks. He and the instructor have worked together to increase his barbell weight and she’s adjusted a few of the exercises to make them a little more challenging for him.  His hard work has paid off, he shared with his instructor that his blood test numbers have never been lower and he thanked her. She shared: “I am very happy for him, but it was his hard work that changed his health, I just gave him the tools”.

Linda's VictoryLinda came to the West Shore YMCA after several hip surgeries and just started attending the water walking class since May or June of this year. 1st day of class, the instructor wasn’t even sure she could walk a width of the pool, let alone for 45 minutes. Linda was placed next to the wall so she could hold it to keep her balance. She has pushed herself every class, and also is attending the senior class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  She began to gain more strength and her balance has been improving. She is now using the barbells and noodles in class and is no longer holding the wall, in fact she is far away from the wall and doing almost all of the exercises.

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