Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Programs

Stop Smoking – Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Programs

Freedom From Smoking

The Harrisburg Area YMCA provides Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Programs throughout the year. They help youth, adults, and families to stop smoking. The programs are funded by the PA Department of Health through the American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic.

Smoking has unsafe effects on our bodies. Cigarettes contain about 600 ingredients. While they burn during smoking, they can create more than 7,000 chemicals. Due to this, smoking can cause many health problems, including cancer,  heart disease, and blood clotting. There is no safe way to smoke. If you replace your cigarette with a tobacco alternative, you won’t avoid the risks. When you inhale smoke, it affects your entire body. Smoking also affects our skin, changing its color and health. Since smoking affects our entire bodies, finding a way to quit is the biggest step. The YMCA offers these programs so that you can learn the dangers of smoking. Our programs also help you find a means of quitting.

Programs offered:

  • State and Community Based Intervention Programs
  • Mass-Reach Health Communication Interventions
  • *Freedom From Smoking Adult Cessation Program
  • Chronic Disease Reduction
  • Surveillance and Evaluation
  • FFS Clinics and Fax – To Training’s
  • Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing
  • Young Lungs at Play Initiatives
  • Prevention Programs to School Districts
  • N.O.T. (Not on Tobacco) Program
  • TATU (Teens Against Tobacco Use) Program
The Harrisburg Area YMCA has helped many community parks and playgrounds adopt the Young Lungs at Play Tobacco-Free Parks and Playgrounds Initiative.

*The YMCA provides an 8-week Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Program. They do this with funding given by the PA Department of Health. They partner with the American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic. This is called the Freedom From Smoking Adult Cessation Program. Freedom from Smoking is a free program at select Harrisburg Area YMCA branches.

The Northern Dauphin County YMCA also serves and works with Dauphin County Office of Juvenile Probation in order to provide stop-smoking programs to youth that are enrolled in the Dauphin County Young Offenders Program.

For more info or to sign up for any of these programs, please call Eric Rothermel, Program Director, at 717-232-3107.

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