Dance Fitness Classes

The Harrisburg Area YMCA encourages you to work out while having fun. That’s why we offer a variety of dance fitness classes! They can help you loosen up, enjoy the music, and burn calories!

Dance fitness changes the way that workouts are done by offering fun, energetic fitness routines accompanying a variety of different styles of music. With the rhythm as your guide and the music as a distraction, it’s easier to feel comfortable and relaxed during our classes at the YMCA. From slower movements to high-intensity moves, the Harrisburg Area YMCA provides a range of classes for every interest and intensity level.

Dance fitness is a great, high-energy cardio workout. Cardio exercises are great for improving your heart, lungs, and circulatory system so you can improve your endurance! Classes help keep your heart rate elevated, improve your coordination, and offer a crazy amount of fun in a group fitness environment!

There’s no need for embarrassment – whether you’re a beginner or a dancing expert. The YMCA is open to individuals of all strengths and weaknesses in a judgment-free zone! You can bust your best and worst moves in our classes and still get the workout you’ve been looking for.

Class availability and schedules vary per branch location. Find out what classes are available at a YMCA Branch near you.

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