Handball at the East Shore YMCA

Handball is one of the oldest games to use a ball. It is also one of the longest continuing programs at the East Shore YMCA Branch’s current site!

The East Shore YMCA provides five handball courts for members to reserve and play in throughout the year! Enjoy some friendly competition with new friends or old friends through this timeless game.

A wall of champions in the spectator area serves as a family tree for handball players at the branch. Members may reserve one of our five courts up to 48 hours in advance. Players organize annual singles and doubles tournaments at the branch and can play individual games throughout the year. Email us at esy@ymcaharrisburg.org and we will connect you with one of the players!

This single or team sport helps to develop hand-eye coordination, improves flexibility, and can help increase cardio and upper-body muscular strength! If you’re interested in trying a new sport and refining your skills, check out our courts and games at the East Shore YMCA!

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