Adult Volleyball

adult volleyball

Adult Volleyball Programs

The YMCA seeks to provide fun and competitive sports leagues for adults in the area to stay active, with a little friendly competition. Our adult volleyball programs are great for beginners and advanced athletes alike! The sport, played in a team environment, helps adults refine their skills, exercise, and have fun. It can burn calories and improve muscle tone. Volleyball can also help improve coordination, reflexes, and balance. What we’re saying is, there’s no reason not to start!

If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to stay in shape, our volleyball programs are a great place to start. The Harrisburg Area YMCA provides Adult Volleyball programs at select branches.

Friendship YMCA

The Friendship YMCA offers a Rec and BB Co-Ed Adult Volleyball League for adult players of all skill levels! These two leagues take place simultaneously, sharing the gymnasium for a Friday night of Volleyball fun!

Members and non-members over the age of 18 are welcome to join. Gameplay will be 6-vs-6, with three females and three males on the court.

SESSION: January 7–April 22, 2022
DAYS/TIMES: Friday nights from 6:00-9:00 PM
TEAMS: $700 per team

Adult Volleyball – Adult Volleyball

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