Camps For Youth & Teens

The Harrisburg Area YMCA is committed to the healthy development of children and teens through a broad range of programs that capture the imagination, instill positive values, build self-esteem and teach fundamental skills. That’s why summer camp is such a critical part of our YMCA. YMCA camps are a powerfully effective way for your children to learn lessons that will serve them throughout their lives.

Our summer camps allow children and teens to not only play and stay active throughout the summer months but also teach them to interact with others in a team environment and cultivate lasting friendships. Additionally, our camps feature a variety of sports interests including Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, and much more!

Summer camp allows children and teens to not only play and stay active throughout the summer months, but also teach them to interact with others as a team.

YMCA Summer Day Camps also help to battle summer brain drain in youth. During the summer months, if students aren’t being engaged, they lose around two months of grade-level math skills. It isn’t just math – reading comprehension suffers too. So how can parents stop summer learning loss and turn the summer brain drain into a brain gain? The answer lies in a strong summer camp program. Summer camp has proven to be an effective weapon in the battle against brain drain, offering a fun and encouraging environment for children to learn and grow.

Child Safety

At the Y, child safety and protection is our number one priority.  Our goal is to help educate parents and children on how to be safe from child abuse in any environment with the skills they learn at our Y.  Our team is trained in comprehensive and innovative practices around child safety to ensure your children are safe in our care.


Benefits of Summer Day Camp

Here are just a few examples of the educational benefits of enrolling your child in a summer camp program:

  • Challenge Accepted: As a low-stress, often encouraging environment, summer camp helps kids feel comfortable in learning to accept new challenges, even if it means they don’t succeed on their first try. In this supportive surrounding, they learn how to better face obstacles in the future and how hard work can pay off in the long run.
  • Double Down: Because kids are engaged at camp, they don’t have the opportunity to slip into the bad habits of brain drain – their minds and bodies are continually being challenged in new and exciting ways. This helps them stay sharp so that when the school year comes around, they’re easily able to transition into their classroom environment.
  • Increased Involvement: While a classroom setting may be intimidating for some, summer camp is a great opportunity for kids to increase their involvement when it comes to reading, problem-solving, and teamwork because it removes the stress of the classroom but can retain the important lessons learned there.

Camp – Camp

In addition to this, studies show that children who attend a summer camp gain new friends, learn new skills, and feel successful. With so many benefits, it’s hard to say which one will be the reason to send your child to summer camp. With creative self-expression and a welcoming, community environment, summer camp empowers any child to grow, develop and learn about themselves and the world around them.

We invite your family to join us as part of something very special this summer! Find out what camps are available at a YMCA near you.

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