The YMCA’s Commitment to Cleanliness


Get Healthy, Stay Healthy at the YMCA

Cleaning – Our staff has always been committed to providing a clean and safe environment for you and your family. Thorough cleaning throughout the YMCA is a priority for all staff, not just our custodians. You’ll see everyone lending a hand to help keep all of our high-touch surfaces clean at all times.

Daily Surface Sanitation – Our YMCA has invested in the Clorox® Total 360® System at each branch across the association. Electrostatic technology enables superior coverage of CDC endorsed Clorox® solutions in hard-to-reach places — including the side, underside and backside of surfaces. This technology:

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria in 5 seconds
  • 44 organism claims: Kills cold and flu viruses, MRSA and norovirus in 2 minutes or less
  • One-step disinfecting
  • Eliminates odors
  • Sanitizes soft surfaces
  • Inhibits the growth of mold and mildew

The Clorox® Total 360® System is used for nightly sanitation at the YMCA, and may be used throughout the day if rooms and spaces are unoccupied.

Continual Air & Surface Sanitation – The YMCA has been working with various community partners to help learn more about the newest technologies to keep you safe in our buildings. Here’s some exciting new developments being explored and implemented at the YMCA.

  • Thanks to a gracious gift from Enginuity LLC. as a part of the Healthy Spaces Initiative, the West Shore YMCA will receive a donation of 19 Dielectric Barrier Discharge Bipolar Ionization (DBD BPI) units. These units will be placed in the HVAC systems at the YMCA and studies have shown that DBD BPI units can eliminate 99.92% of coronavirus particles in the air and on surfaces within 30 minutes. To learn more about this technology, please CLICK HERE.
  • Following this, the Camp Curtin, East Shore, and Northern Dauphin County YMCAs evaluated and implemented this technology in their circulation systems.
  • Thanks to a generous gift from Secco Electric as part of the Healthy Spaces Initiative, the East Shore YMCA will receive a donation of Anti-Microbial Lighting to be installed in the entryway.  SpectraClean Lighting uses 405 nanometer lightwaves –which are completely harmless to people –to continuously disinfect occupied spaces. SpectraClean kills many types of harmful bacteria, molds and fungi anywhere light can reach whether microbes are in the air or on fabrics, carpeting, plastics, hard surfaces or food. To learn more about this technology, please CLICK HERE.
  • We are currently evaluating how these technologies might be further implemented at all other branches in our association, and plan to invest in appropriate measures as we are able. We are thrilled to provide safe, clean spaces to pursue healthy living through these methods!

Classes and Programs – You can view a list of our in-building and virtual classes HERE.

Guests and Nationwide Members – Due to our capacity limitations and to ensure the safest possible environment for our members, we are not accepting any guests at the YMCA. We have now reinstated the Nationwide Membership Program at our branches. Click HERE to learn more about your YMCA and the benefits of membership.

Joining Online – The best way to ensure the lowest amount of contact during your first visit to the YMCA is to join the YMCA Online before stopping in to see us. This way you can review the documents and sign without being physically present in our offices. On your first visit, you’ll simply confirm your membership, sign one form, and grab your membership card. Simple, safe, and easy! CLICK HERE TO JOIN ONLINE!

Keeping Yourself Safe

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends these actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases:

  • Wash Your Hands – Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Cover Your Cough – Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and Disinfect Regularly – Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.
  • Don’t Touch Your Face – Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Avoiding Contact with Sick People – Avoid close contact with people who are sick. If you feel symptomatic, stay home when you are sick (if possible).

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