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Y Achievers Program

The Camp Curtin YMCA offers Y Achievers for youth in grades 6-12. This program helps in raising academic achievement and career development for middle to high school youth in the Harrisburg area. Featured with these programs are field trips, college visits, trade exposure, community service, and more! Y Achievers helps youth expand their potential and expose them to the prospects of higher education and the workforce.

The Y Achievers Program at the Camp Curtin YMCA is an academic success and career growth initiative. It exists to help youth in grades 6-12 set and pursue high educational and career goals. This can result in graduation and acceptance to a school of higher learning. After graduation, they’ll have the courage they need to enter the workforce.

Programs like this have grown to serve students from many cultures and financial backgrounds. They provide youth and teens with insight into how to navigate the process of secondary education and career success. It also gives youth and teens positive role models from their own community. This program provides all students the chance to network in a like-minded program; they will bond with peers to push each other toward success!

Dates & Times

DAYS: Every 1st and 3rd Saturday from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
CURRENT SESSION: October 23, 2021–April 17, 2022


Area-wide Membership required. Program fees may apply.

Achievers programs – Y Achievers

Questions? Please contact the Camp Curtin YMCA at (717) 238-9622.

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