YMCA Weight Loss Program

weight loss program – YMCA Weight Loss Program

YMCA Weight Loss Program

Reach your wellness goals with us! Looking to make a healthy change? The YMCA Weight Loss Program is designed to help people seeking a healthier weight by making small changes to daily behaviors and forming sustainable, healthy habits. This program helps participants make strong lifestyle changes. This small group, non-prescriptive weight loss program focuses on modifying food intake, routine self-weighing, routine tracking, and regular and consistent physical activity.

  • Adults 18 years and older desiring to reach a healthier weight
  • Group-based program (8-16 people per group)
  • Learning, sharing, and problem solving
  • Weekly topics such as balanced eating, physical activity, goal-setting, positive psychology, and behavior sustainability
  • 12-week program, meeting one hour each week
  • Participants to self-design action plans to achieve their weight loss goals

Find mentors to support and assist you on your weight loss journey, starting with small improvements in healthy behaviors, with the goal of creating lasting change and replacing unhealthy habits with new, healthier habits.

Key Characteristics

Three aspects discern the program from others in the weight loss industry:

  1. It’s nonprescriptive. The program’s approach is to empower, encourage, and provide tools so that participants can design their own plans. This supports their weight loss goals within the context of their lives.
  2. It uses the power of the group. Research shows that effective approaches to behavior change around dietary intake and physical activity include group cohesion, group-shared values, and social support.
  3. It seeks to change the definition of weight loss. The YMCA Center for Healthy Living focuses this program on teaching participants that they hold the answers within themselves to achieve their weight loss goals.

Program Cost

YMCA Member: $95.00
Non-Member: $125.00

Ready to get started?

Please contact Megan Maurer at 717-232-2004 to learn more and register.

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