Healthy Weight and Your Child

healthy weight and your child

Healthy Weight and Your Child at the Y

Healthy Weight and Your Child is a new program through the YMCA Center for Healthy Living. It creates a safe, fun, and active environment for children and families to explore proven methods of living a healthier lifestyle. Studies have shown that this program is cost-efficient and effective in maintaining a child’s BMI and also help reduce idle habits, increase physical activity, and improve self-esteem.

Who is eligible?

  • Children carrying excess weight (95th or greater BMI percentile)
  • 7-13 years of age
  • Cleared by a health care provider
  • Adult able to attend sessions

What is it?

  • 20 bi-weekly sessions, 5 weekly sessions
  • 2-hour sessions (classroom setting and physical activity)
  • Group-based (10 or more children and their adult)

How does it work?

  • Support, education, and activities
  • Family huddle (goal setting/action planning)
  • Physical activity
  • 2 co-leaders

Ready to get started?

Register today with Eric Rothermel at 717-232-3107.

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