Swim Training

swim training

Swim Training Classes

Looking for a great cardiovascular workout without the high impact? The Harrisburg Area YMCA offers an swim training class for our members at the Northern Dauphin County YMCA branch! This hour-long workout encompasses all swim strokes, based on each individual’s base knowledge.

Whether you’re a beginner who might need some pointers on being a more efficient and graceful swimmer, or someone who knows the ropes but would like to take the brain-workout of planning a swim workout, our new fitness swim class is for beginners and elite swimmers alike.

How It Works

Though not a personal training course, the Swim Training class provides participants with an individual lap swimming workout, based on their levels and abilities in a group class environment. Drills and intervals are included to help an individual push through swim barriers and help them to get an effective, whole body, cardiovascular workout.

Our certified fitness instructors will listen to your swim training goals. They are here to provide guidance and help you achieve your goals! In addition to a variety of stroke drills, the Swim Training class uses gear like buoys and kickboards to give you a well-rounded workout.


The requirement to participate in the course is to possess the ability to swim 25 yards without assistance or stopping.  This class also requires the ability to tread water for up to one minute.

If you’re looking to achieve a great, whole-body workout in the pool, this class is a great place to start. For more information on current class schedules, please visit the Northern Dauphin County YMCA schedules page on the website!

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