Triple Threat

triple threat

Triple Threat Fitness Classes

Join us for Triple Threat classes at the Harrisburg Area YMCA! Using mostly your own body weight, and occasional equipment, you can improve a variety of functions through this program! These include cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength and endurance, and core stability. The class divides into three segments with each of these elements performed in a timed sequence, making it Triple Threat!

The Triple Threat formula works to provide various forms of exercise to multiple areas of the body. In the three timed sequences of the class, participants will enjoy quick and thrilling exercises that offer long-term benefits.  The class helps you improve your core, upper, and lower body strength, along with your cardiovascular endurance.

Not only is this type of workout proven to be effective, but offers faster results than traditional workouts. The key to the Triple Threat formula is to create spontaneity and, in return, motivation. The formula allows you to fit in more workouts throughout the week in shorter interval sessions, while offering the same great results.

Triple Threat utilizes various equipment in order to help aid in strength training, such as weights and resistance equipment.  If you’re looking to mix up your workout and incorporate more in your group fitness classes, this class is for you.

Various modifications are available and the class is open to all fitness levels and abilities. Triple Threat classes are available at select branches. Visit your local YMCA schedules page to find out when this class is available!

triple threat – Triple Threat

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