Tabata Fitness Classes

If you’re short on time, our Tabata workouts are a great fitness class to check out!

Tabata classes at the Harrisburg Area YMCA will make you lean and strong. Tabata offers short bursts of peak effort using the formula of a work/rest ratio of 2:1. The class includes alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise. They have even shorter, less-intense recovery periods. With a variety of exercises and methods for this training, you’ll always be targeting major muscle groups for a whole body workout.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a form of cardiovascular exercise. This intense workout provides improved athletic capacity and conditioning, improved glucose metabolism, and an improvement of fat burning. The short interval workouts can burn more calories than traditional aerobic workouts. As a result, this helps you get where you want to be sooner, no matter what exercise you wish you to do! The trick is to give the high-intensity portion of the workout 100% of your effort. If you are exerting your body with extreme effort during those short bursts of exercise, you’ll maximize the impact.

Tabata is a highly popular exercise for those who are looking for a fast, simple workout. It’s ideal for those who wish to improve their cardiovascular and muscular strength. With just minutes of intensity, you can get fit fast. Visit your local YMCA schedules page to find out when this class is available at a branch near you.

Tabata – Tabata

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