Muscle Works

Muscle Works

Muscle Works Fitness Classes

The Harrisburg Area YMCA Muscle Works class is similar to muscle confusion, but with an extra twist! This class works every major and minor muscle while utilizing various equipment. The equipment includes free weights, body bars, resist-a-bars, tubing, bands, gliding discs, stability balls, and body weight.

With the help of class equipment and our program instructors, Muscle Works will help increase muscle strength and endurance. This is suitable for anyone looking to lose fat and gain muscle! You will work on different muscles throughout the class. Many will be worked at the same time, from arms and legs to core.

In addition to various muscle strengthening movements, the class switches exercises at various periods, allowing for your body to adjust quickly while building stronger muscles. This toning class with a high-intensity workout is for all fitness levels, beginner or advanced! Whether you’re looking to begin building your muscle or want to maintain your strength, this class is open to you.

Try a workout that will help to target and sculpt your muscles while eliminating body fat at the Harrisburg Area YMCA with Muscle Works. The class is available at select Harrisburg Area YMCA branches and offers modifications so you can feel comfortable and confident in your exercise. Visit your local YMCA schedules page to find out when this class is available at a branch near you.

Muscle Works – Muscle Works

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