Circuit Challenge

circuit challenge

Circuit Challenge Classes

Circuit Challenge fitness training is a great way to burn calories and stay focused on intense exercises. With circuit training, individuals move from one exercise to the next, focusing on different areas of the body. This type of workout can help participants focus on the task at hand for short bursts of time and blast fat while building muscle.

Circuit Challenge helps to improve muscular strength and endurance by completing different exercises, making up a “circuit”. The idea behind the Circuit Challenge class is to distract participants from the high intensity of the exercise by switching it up every few minutes.  Every class is different and challenging. Once a month, this class intensifies the experience with individual rotating stations.

The class offers both strength and cardio benefits and incorporates various strength equipment. The class is fast-moving and offers little rest between sets, giving you a high-energy, optimal workout. Our instructors will help you focus on what you can accomplish, so you don’t feel over-whelmed in the group fitness setting.

If you’re looking to switch up your workout and try something new, this is a great class to get started. Visit your local YMCA schedules page to find out when this class is available at a branch near you!

Circuit Challenge – Circuit Challenge

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