Cardio and Strength Intervals

cardio and strength intervals

Cardio and Strength Intervals

Our West Shore YMCA location offers Cardio and Strength Intervals that help you burn calories with simple cardio and muscle strengthening movements. Not only will this class improve your metabolism, but it will help increase your power and endurance. A sequence of cardio and strength moves are practiced to keep the class exciting and give your body a great workout.

The strength interval technology, with bursts of cardio, helps with fast calorie burning and fat loss. Our classes include a combination of hi/lo (floor aerobics), steps and drills. Strength exercises are also incorporated using body weight, free-weights, and resistance equipment.

The cardio intervals portion of the class will help participants to increase their overall endurance and speed for future workouts. Whether it’s long-distance running or utilizing the stair-climber, our strength intervals will help build stronger muscles for various workouts in the fitness center. If you’re ready for a true cardio challenge, our cardio and strength interval classes are a great way to start!

Modifications are available for a variety of fitness levels. Our certified fitness instructors will provide a safe and effective environment to give you the best workout possible. Visit our schedules page on the website to find out when this class is available at the West Shore YMCA!

Strength Intervals – Cardio and Strength Intervals

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