Boxing Fitness Classes

Are you looking for a comprehensive cardio workout? How about releasing some stress while burning calories? These boxing classes might be for you. The Harrisburg Area YMCA offers a variety of boxing-related fitness classes for those of you who are interested in some or all of the above. In addition to a great workout, participants will learn various moves from our certified fitness instructors and meet new friends along the way. Exercises strengthen both aerobic and anaerobic systems of the body, so you get a complete and total body workout. The class allows you to ultimately burn fat, reduce stress, and increase your cardio!

Boxing is proven to be a superb way to work out, but it can help our minds, too! Ever notice that hitting stuff can make you feel good? Take out the stresses of your daily life in a safe, controlled environment. When it comes to hitting a punching bag, stress melts away. Our certified group fitness instructors at the YMCA offer modifications for every fitness level, so beginners and the more elite athlete are welcome to participate. If you’re looking for an exciting class to help you stay motivated on your fitness journey, try our boxing classes! Click below to learn more about the classes we offer.


Boxing is a group fitness program available at our West Shore YMCA branch and is open to individuals across all fitness levels. This class incorporates sport-specific techniques used in boxing to provide a high level of conditioning.Focusing on various upper-body techniques, the class is guaranteed to make you sweat and is known to be an extremely cardiovascular activity. Our instructors will focus on strengthening participants’ shoulders, back, arms and core and can also help to improve hand eye coordination.

The West Shore YMCA provides punching mitts for the class, along with a limited quantity of boxing gloves. We ask that if you have your own gloves, please bring them to the class!

Cardio Kickboxing

Get an incredible cardio workout with our Cardio Kickboxing Class at the West Shore YMCA! Our classes are a high-energy and involve high and low impact kicking and punching. Techniques such as crosses, uppercuts, and jabbing are powerful and dynamic movements that help improve reflexes and strength. Taught in a non-contact environment, this class offers a high-intensity workout will strengthen your speed, agility, and balance in a group exercise atmosphere.

In the class, we incorporate various kickboxing routines that will allow you to receive a great upper and lower body workout, burn calories fast, and also have fun. In fact, according to the American Council on Exercise, cardio kickboxing can help you burn between 350-450 calories per hour! Kickboxing can help to target major muscle groups such as arms, shoulders, abdominal muscles, thighs and glutes in one workout session.

Elite Warriors

Get in touch with your inner Rocky! The West Shore YMCA now offers Elite Warriors, a class that will help you become an expert in boxing combos! This program uses cardio bursts with and without jump ropes and strength exercises with medicine balls while also incorporating boxing practices!

Get ready to become a powerful warrior ready to conquer anything!

Kickbox II

This class offers a high-energy workout that combines cardiovascular training with kickboxing movements. Available at the East Shore and Northern Dauphin County YMCAs, individual participants will use boxing gloves (these are provided by your YMCA branch during the class) to burn lots of calories in a group exercise environment. Participants will keep their heart rate up and even increase reflex abilities through this high-intensity workout.

The class incorporates both the basic and advanced boxing techniques for punching and footwork, giving your upper and lower body a great workout. The equipment utilized during the class includes mitts, thai pads, the heavy bag, the kicking shield and the jump rope.

Visit our schedules page on the website to find out when these classes are available at your local YMCA!

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