Water Walking

water walking

Water Walking Classes

Looking for a powerful workout in the water? Water Walking is the class for you!

This class is great for anyone looking for fitness, therapy, stress relief and fun. In the 45 minutes of class, the instructor will lead you through various exercises including a warm up and cool down that have you moving forward, backward and sideways.

In contrast to walking on land, the act of water walking in shallow water allows participants to increase muscle in their abdomen, back, and legs. The way this is accomplished is through the water’s natural resistance. Proper form is encouraged, however, as a straight back and shoulders can help intensify the workout and make your muscles work harder. It is recommended that participants wear water shoes during the class. It’s not as easy as it sounds!

Water Walking is both challenging and highly effective for all ages and ability levels, as well as lots of fun. The more you put into the movements, the more you’ll get out of it! Each class is exciting and upbeat. The group-fitness atmosphere provides a comfortable and encouraging experience for all participants!

This aquatics class is available at the West Shore YMCA. Visit our schedules page on the website to find out when this class is available!

water walking – Water Walking

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