Water Exercise Training

water exercise training

Water Exercise Training Classes

Join us in the pool for a fun and challenging workout with our Water Exercise Training course! Water Exercise Training (W.E.T.) is a shallow and deep water fitness class. It is made for those looking to build strength, power, and cardio grit without the impact of land exercise.

The class uses resistance training as well as treading in deep water to improve resistance and cardio. We encourage you to have moderate swimming skills. The class applies the deeper portions of the pool during this medium-intensity workout.  With the help of natural water resistance, this class allows you to burn max calories and build max muscle. Members can accomplish this in a low-impact water environment!

This group class includes various equipment in the workout. This equipment includes weights, foam resistance gear, kickboards, and flippers. A normal class consists of a resistance portion, a power portion, a cardio portion, and, on occasion, an ab workout. This gives you a near total-body workout by the end of the class!

Water Exercise Training is open to adults of all ages and skill at the Northern Dauphin County YMCA branch. The teacher will offer a relaxed workout climate, which allows you to feel engaged and welcomed to get the most out of your workout.

Water Exercise Training classes are available at different times throughout the week. For more info on current class schedules, please visit the Northern Dauphin County YMCA schedules page on the website. We hope you can make it to our Water Training courses!

water exercise training – Water Exercise Training

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