Hinges and Twinges

hinges and twinges

Hinges and Twinges Water Fitness Classes

Soothe your “Hinges and Twinges” with this aquatics class! The Hinges and Twinges program utilizes the water to help ambulatory adults improve or maintain muscular joint mobility through movements.

Taught at a low intensity level, this program is geared towards beginner exercisers or active older adults. Hinges and twinges is also the perfect class for those with joint or arthritic pain. Through a variety of exercises, the class will help participants improve range of motion, reduce stiffness in joints, and diminish arthritis pain.

The lack of gravity in the water allows for each exercise to be very low-impact. In addition, the cool water helps reduce muscle swelling and the buoyancy helps to relieve pressure from the body.

Our certified instructors will provide safe and effective exercises and gentle stretches to give you the most out of your workout. This class is not only a great way to improve muscle strength and, in turn, bone density, but is also a create way to socialize with other YMCA Members and neighbors!

The Hinges and Twinges class is available at the West Shore YMCA. Please visit the schedules page on the website to find out when this class is available!

Hinges and Twinges – Hinges and Twinges

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