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holidays – Healthier Holidays

Healthier Holidays

Unsure what to make for your holiday festivities? It’s hard to choose, especially when you’re trying to stay healthy! Whether you’re hosting or going to a potluck, there is always something for everybody during the holidays. I’ve compiled a short list of delicious party foods you won’t want to wait on! Crudite Vegetable Wreath Festive […]

STEM summer camp

The Learning Continues with STEM Summer Camp

The Camp Curtin YMCA is a place where the community connects to education and everyone gets a chance to succeed. The Camp Curtin YMCA Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Summer Camp was held this summer at the branch and welcomed students entering 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades for the 2018-2019 school year. and everyone gets […]

east shore YMCA video still image

A Better City, A Brighter Future

The sun streams into the front windows of the East Shore YMCA on a warm fall day. It’s Thursday, and the lobby is full of people. They chat and visit, sharing a breakfast that is being served by two young volunteers. They welcome the guests, knowing many of their names, and asking them about how […]

holidays – Healthier Holidays

Helping in a Time of Need

Financial aid can take many forms at the YMCA, but one of the lesser known forms of assistance occurs in the form of the support of the families who put their children in our care. Many times, we offer childcare assistance to families that need a temporary hand while they overcome a challenge with employment. […]

west shore ymca swimming

Lessons From Swimming

Since 1972, competitive swimming has been a constant presence at the West Shore YMCA. In the afternoon, the pool area is crowded with youth and teens talking excitedly, diving, and swimming, and coaches encouraging them along. The distinct call of Mike Gobrecht, Director of Competitive Swimming at the West Shore YMCA carries over the din […]

holidays – Healthier Holidays

Healthy For Life

High blood pressure is a very common and dangerous condition that affects our society at an alarming rate. Having high blood pressure means the pressure of the blood in your blood vessels is higher than it should be, causing damage over time. Blood pressure normally rises and falls throughout the day, but if it stays […]

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